Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation 

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.
— ayurvedic proverb
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What is ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient science focused on holistic, whole-body healing and the belief that health and wellness depend on a balance between body, mind and spirit.  It is the only medicinal system in the world that looks at the individual in this way.    

One of the main principles of Ayurveda says that "like attracts like, opposite balances."  In your consultation, we will discuss what your prakriti is (your natural genetic constitution) and what your current vrikriti is (your current dosha imbalances) and how sometimes what we naturally crave and are drawn to, is actually bringing our body more and more out of balance.  

Ayurveda is a preventative science. When we discover how to nourish our bodies the best ways by lifestyle, foods, activities, herbs, spices, etc.  then we can prevent ourselves from getting imbalanced, or sick.  

The human being has enormous resources in the power to heal. And in those resources lie things that we ourselves need to clear or feel.
— Maya Tiwari

What are common ailments that can be treated Ayurvedically, holistically?

  • insomnia
  • headaches
  • constipation/diarrhea
  • digestive disorders
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • weight loss/gain

Fill out the form below to book an Ayurveda consultation with Lauren. Through an in depth analysis, you will discover:

  • your natural body constitution (prakriti)
  • which doshas are aggravated in your body (vrikriti)
  • how, when and what to eat for your body type 
  • foods to favor and reduce
  • meditations & pranayamas that are benefitial to you
  • environments suitable for you,
  • exercise/yoga that is best for you
  • herbal supplementents/natural remedies to begin  

The session will be 60-75 minutes in person or online, you will receive a follow up PDF of your health analysis, food charts, recommended supplements, excercise, natural healing remedies, and more.

Price: $50 USD for initial session/$35 USD for follow up



"Lauren was amazing. I felt very comfortable throughout the consultation and learnt so much about my the way my body is affected by the foods I eat and how I feel."   ~M.C., October 2017

"Lauren has a warm personality and clearly loves her job which helped me feel comfortable and relaxed during the consultation, it felt like a casual conversation.  I am super excited to experiment with what I have learned from the experience."   ~D.N., August 2017

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