Ayurveda Immersion Day 

ayurveda immersion.jpg

Location: Radiantly Alive, Ubud, Bali

Date: 19 March 2018

Time: 9am- 3:30 pm  


Full Day Ayurveda Immersion Program

Ayurveda gives us ancient wisdom which empowers us to take control and maintain balance in our everyday lives.  Ayurveda is a holistic science, seeking balance between the mind, body and spirit.  In this one day Ayurveda Immersion Workshop, you will gain an in depth understanding Ayurveda and how to incorporate it into your daily life. 


What’s included?

-Description of the 3 doshas and how they affect us physically, mentally and emotionally

-Dosha assessment 

-Ayurvedic routine (Dinacharya)

-Ayurvedic seasonal routines (Ritucharya) 

-Ayurveda and Yoga, which yoga is best for you

-What foods to favor and reduce based on your constitution 

-Ayurvedic recipes 

-Ayurvedic diagnosis and how to assess yourself 

-How to use spices, herbs and essential oils to create balance in mind and body


Sign up here to reserve your spot!  Payment will be taken at Radiantly Alive.  

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